A new journey…

Everyone has heard the old adage “A journey begins with one step.” My new journey begins with something different, it begins with “I will succeed.”

I’m inspired by my friend Christa Bauserman and the way she has changed her life for the better. I, too, want to be healthier and happier. Thus my journey…

I’ve decided to follow the Weight Watcher’s PointsPlus program to help with loosing weight, feeling better overall and making a lifestyle change rather than just following a diet. The word diet and I are not friends, we never have been and it’s really looking like we’re never going to be.

A lifestyle change, now that I know I can make happen. Five years ago in April, I found out the hard way that I was diabetic. In my heart, I knew it all along but I wouldn’t accept it because quite honestly I was afraid of taking insulin shots. WOW, that was a moronic fear on my part. Those very insulin shots are a part of what keeps me alive today, so bring on the needle! I HAD to modify what I was eating of I was quite simply going to die and at 32 years old I was no where near ready for that.

So, here I sit today having gained back all of the weight I’d lost before my diagnosis. That weight gain is my fault because I didn’t take the initiative to learn all I could about insulin usage and what the side effects of it could be. In short, I was eating to the insulin and not using the insulin to the food because I’m on a long lasting version that I take once a day along with several pills.

I decided a month or so I guess that it was time to get really serious about this again because I didn’t feel good anymore, I had no energy and none of my clothes fit right. Enter the pool at the Wellness Center. I rejoined and started walking in the water again as well as doing a number of different water exercises. The first few days my “everything” hurt, I couldn’t sleep at night because my legs were absolutely killing me. I stuck with it though, praying for the day that at least part of my “everything” didn’t hurt anymore. I’ve reached that point thankfully.

Back to Christa, I’ve watched as she worked out at the Wellness Center with friends, watched as she stuck to the Weight Watchers plan and now she’s reached her goal. She has always been beautiful, both inside and out… but now she positively beams without even knowing it. I’m ready to beam again, I beamed when I had lost all the weight from being sick and had just come out of the hospital with a new outlook on life. Somewhere in there, my light dimmed and I turned right back to my best friends… bread, pasta and potatoes. Not a good thing. I let stress in my life control me, I let the comfort of food lull me in and now it’s time to back away from that. Cold turkey? Um No… I don’t want you guys visiting in me the psych ward or anything ;).

My Weight Watchers kit arrived today with everything I need to get started counting points. I’ve spent many nights over the last week or so reading everything I can find about how the system works and why it works. Christa has offered to be my go to person for questions, for that I am forever grateful.

I didn’t do anything differently today than I normally would, in so much as I didn’t deprive myself of anything. I ate what I normally would, at the times I normally do and found at the end of this day that I still have 9 points left if I feel like a snack in a bit. If that snack comes and it turns out to be fresh veggies, which are chopped and ready in the fridge by the way, then I’ve still got those 9 points. I felt like I could breath a sigh of relief after I recorded everything I’d eaten today (and yes I was brutally honest about it) and I still had something left over. I like the fact that even if I get to the end of the day and I’m over by a few points that it’s okay because I have a weekly bank that I can draw from and I get additional points from working out in the pool based on what I do and how long I do it.

Sounds a little complicated when you read it all like that, at least I think so anyway. It’s really not, it’s so completely straightforward that I know I will succeed!



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