Party on the Porch – Take One!

Last night, we had the BEST time around here that we’ve had in a long time!  Now don’t get me wrong, we have a good time laughing on the porch pretty much every single day that we can sit out there and not freeze to death.  

On a whim last weekend, I asked Patti and Jr to come over for dinner. DJ, Alli, Nikki and Bradley came along too :D. After a week of feeling like I’d been hit by a truck, then backed over by the same truck a healthy dose of the Johnson was exactly what the Dr ordered.

We had ourselves a little bbq complete with rain shower just before time to cook out. As the burgers and dogs were cooking, I was being steamed like a crab who wasn’t bright enough to run the other way when he saw that chicken neck on a string coming. That’s okay, it was for a good cause! I bought some “Super Dogs” at Aldi especially for my girl Patti, if you know who Morgan is on Criminal Minds and you believe in stereotypes then I need not describe these dogs any further *evil grin*. Chips, pasta salad and a kickin fruit salad completed dinner. I don’t slice up grapes and scoop the seeds out for just anyone you know… you’re welcome ;).

After dinner we all retired to our spots on the porch and began the laugh fest. You have NO IDEA how thankful I am that I waited until today to take the new fluid pill, just no idea!  I would have had to send poor Uncle Steve, as we call him, out to Walmart to get me some Depends. At our next “Party on the Porch” I will be passing out Depends at the door. It’s for everyone’s own good.

Jr and I decided that as the summer progresses and it gets hotter that we’re gonna get those little kiddie pools from Walmart. We may end up having to segregate them for beer drinkers and none beer drinkers and deal out chlorine pellets accordingly.  I’m bringing a little bottle of blue food coloring with me *hehe* Can’t wait for folks to start jumping in lol!

I should have taken notes on all the things we laughed about because quite frankly this blog is seriously lacking in humor compared to last night. Next time guys, just ignore the fact that I’m sitting out there with a giant crayon and a steno pad. I’ve just voted myself Secretary of the Party on the Porch Committee. Now we need a President and a Senior Regent ;). Maybe I’ll make up an application, I know we can have all kinds of fun filling those things out. LMAO

And finally before I forget, dang it Patti those Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Potato chips are just so freakin good! I needed another craving like I need another pet lol. Love ya girl!