Adventures in caramel pie making…

Recently we were sitting on the porch talking with someone, I’m sorry I can’t remember who and the subject of pie came up. I have no idea what made me think about it this morning, but something did so I thought what better to do on a cool (read cold) cloudy Monday than start typing up the recipes we used to use. *Side note, do you know how many tries it took me to spell recipes right? Sad very sad ;-)*  

I remember being in my early 20s and deciding to make Nanny’s Caramel Pies. I pulled out the old cookbook and checked to see what ingredients I needed. When I read the recipe, I thought it said 4 CUPS of jelly, not 4 tbsp.  You can see where this is headed can’t you? Off to the store I go to buy 2 jars of grape jelly.  I go about my business mixing everything up, still oblivious to the fact that I am not doing this right. Time to pour everything into the pie shells, do you think I figured it out then. Nope! I remember pouring it in and thinking that this sure was soupy, I hoped it would set up. I also remember looking at it and thinking that I didn’t remember Nanny’s pies being purple. 25 minutes later, I check the pies and still have soup. I can’t remember how long I let them stay in the over, but you can bet they NEVER set up. After those things cooled they went right into the ole trash can.

So here we have the actual recipe, yes I triple checked this time ;). If you’re in the mood for some old fashioned decadence, give it a try.

Caramel Pie

2 cups sugar

6 eggs beaten

4 tbsp of grape, damson or plum jelly

1 stick of butter – softened

2 tsp vanilla

2 tbsp flour

2 unbaked pie shells


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Cream butter and sugar together, add in other ingredients. Pour into unbaked pie shell and bake 25 minutes.

Happy baking 😀


The simple act of giving…it’s easier than you think.

Have you ever had one of those days where you wish that you could do something to help another being but looked at your checkbook and thought that you might actually need the help at the moment more than the other being?  Yeah, been there too.  

I make a lot of my purchases online, because quite frankly I don’t like to shop and I don’t like to deal with people. The internet was invented for me 😉 We won’t even go into discounts, lord knows I love me a discount!  

Anyway, the point here is that I would like each of you to consider going to and looking up your favorite charitable organization.  Don’t have one?  Let me suggest Central Virginia Horse Rescue 

Each time you shop, if the site you’re purchasing from participates, a small donation is made on your behalf.  In the last 4 months, I’ve managed to get $35 to them; not counting my purchase through because doesn’t breakdown the purchases by purchaser the way other sites do.  So, take a moment out of your day and sign up at and help another soul out while you’re doing your day to day shopping. It really can’t get much easier than this 😀  

Okay, we will go into discounts really quickly 😉 Retail Me Not is your friend! also shows you discounts as well. So, we’re getting the best of both worlds here folks! Saving and giving all in the same transaction. 

Now, go forth and purchase!  Seriously, go on now… download that simple little igive button and help save another soul!