Go in peace Daisy 1999-2012

Daisy – May 1999 to January 26, 2012

I had to say goodbye to Daisy tonight.  Over the last few days she had gotten to the point where she could no longer walk and today she began to loose control of her bodily functions.  I am oddly numb at the moment, relieved almost that she’s now crossed over to the other side and that she can be a cat again without any limitations.

She’s been with us since the month after we were married in 1999.  I remember all the trouble she got into as a kitten. She was infatuated with water, so much so that she would play in the tub when we weren’t home. I came home one day to find that she had managed to turn on the faucet and knock a wash cloth down into the tub thus stopping it up.  Thank heavens I came home when I did or she would have flooded our apartment and the one downstairs. She was thrilled with herself just sitting on the potty watching the water.  In that same apartment, I painted a mural of flowers under the bar and it had this little wisp of green at the bottom where she had gotten her tiny little tail in green paint and flicked it every where.  That same fall she decided she was going to run outside when Steven opened the apartment door, if memory serves me correctly he had to chase her down the apartment stairs and out into the parking lot in his tightie whities. He’ll probably never forgive me for telling that one on him.

After that apartment we moved out into Spotsy, she had one of those windowsill beds in the kitchen that she lived in. The day I brought Jappy home, she was not amused. She would hold him down and sit on him to bathe him. The first night she chased him through the house, he managed to slip under our bedroom door and climb with those razor claws up the bed to my pillow.  She barely tolerated him, she was very much an only cat. I think later in life she finally gave into the idea that he wasn’t going anywhere. This past November they were curled up together on the pillows on my bed, a rarity for those two.

After Spotsy we moved back to Culpeper into an apartment that was on the ground floor over at Woodscape. She loved it there.  She could sit in the windowsill in the living room and see everything that was happening. They had one of those huge cat condo/tree things that they sleep on all day in the sun. She loved popcorn, sometimes at night she would sit up there or on the entertainment center and catch it as I tossed it to her.  Doritos were another favorite, she learned that she could sit on the back and then take her claw and puncture the bag. It would pop and she could help herself.  After Woodscape we moved into the house we’re in now, there used to be a wall between the kitchen and the dining room. Over the doorway was a shelf that held nothing but Daisy when she was feeling cantankerous.  She would jump up on the counter, then the fridge and then the shelf. She would wait for Uncle D to walk by and take her paw and inch a cereal box off the top of the fridge just because she could.

In her later years when we lived on Macoy and in Centreville she decided to take up residence in the cupboards.  On Macoy she figured out that there was a whole going from a closet to the cabinet under the kitchen sink.  Yes, it was pretty well ghetto rigged up but it was home for a while until we were able to get back on our feet.  She would go from the closet to the cupboard at her leisure, it made her happy so I never really bothered her. In Centreville she liked the bathroom cabinet, there was plenty of room either under there or hiding on the top shelf of the walk in closet.

It wasn’t until we moved back to this house that she was really happy again. She didn’t hide like she had been, instead she spent almost every night on my pillow. Jappy would lay on my side and Dex would be wrapped around my feet.  Now Jappy and Dex and I have to move on. I can’t help but wonder if they know. Night before last, Jappy laid on the bed with her all night. He absolutely refused to leave her.  I knew then that the end was near, I think she knew too.  She had taken to hiding again behind a curtain.

I will be forever grateful for Dr. Andrea Kellum, she is the epitome of caring and honest. She has helped Eek so much and now tonight she graciously ended Daisy’s suffering.  She is more than just a vet, I consider her to be a dear friend. She is someone who is in the veterinary business because she truly loves animals and cares about giving them the best life possible. I would not have trusted another soul to help Daisy cross over.

Go in peace my dear Daisy. You will always be with me in my heart….


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